Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Regional Science Olympiad 2022

Saturday February 26th

The Regional Science Olympiad, started by the Zoo in 2005, brings excitement to science education through rigorous challenges. Teams with students in grades 7-12 are invited to attend this event.

  • There will be a registration fee of $4.00 per student. Registration is NOW OPEN.  Register here
  • Schools must register ahead of the tournament. 
  • Your school may be invoiced.  
  • There will be no money taken the day of the event. 
  • Max team size is 15 players. 
  • Stations will not be used when running events.  
  • Families of participants can enter by using a membership or by purchasing an admissions ticket from guest services.  
  • Copies of tournament map and event locations will be available at check-in.  

Complete Participation Form

Below is a list of events that will be run: 

Anatomy: B and C division

Bridges: B and C division

Rocks and Minerals: B and C division 

Ornithology: B and C division 

Experimental Design: B and C division 

Disease Detectives: B and C division 

Meterology: B only 

Dynamic Planet: B and C division 

Solar System: B only 

Astronomy: C only 

Chem Lab: C only 

Write It/Do It: B and C division 

Green Generation: B and C division 

Road Scholar: B only 

Crime/Forensics: B and C division