Other Exhibits

Other Exhibits

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Pavilion

Begin your wild adventure at the Zoo in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Pavilion. The Exploration Station includes hands-on activities along with previews of the other major attraction such as the Scott Aquarium, Lied Jungle and Desert Dome. There are a number of animal exhibits from small mammals to tarantulas and snakes.

Garden of the Senses

Open to the public. 

Garden of the Senses is a sensory garden for everyone! Let your senses go wild as you walk through the beautiful garden filled with over 250 different species of herbs, perennials and trees, along with blankets of roses and flowers. Sit back and hear the chirping of birds, listen to the fountains, splash in the water or take advantage of the great photo opportunities next to unique bronze sculptures. 

Simmons Aviary

Closed at this time out of precaution for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

Beautiful 1.3-acre space for a walk with the birds and bird watching, including an area just for flamingos.

  • The Aviary originally opened in 1983 in the old Riverview Park valley that ran through the Zoo.

Aviary’s New and Improved Features

  • Boardwalk features two perspectives of the birds, including over 375 feet of elevated walkway and over 365 feet of ground pathway.
  • Elevated walkway decking material is made of a composite wood that is eco-friendly and made of recycled materials. It is extremely durable and helps with long term maintenance.
  • Cable railing gives a more open view of the birds for everyone (including those in strollers and young children) and is extremely durable.
  • New benches along the boardwalk
  • New netting, including a sturdier center portion that will   stand up to heavy snowfall.
  • Entrance and exit moved to one location, near the Asia entrance path and train crossing, so that visitors will not miss any other Zoo features as they explore the Aviary.
  • Beautiful landscaping by the Zoo’s Horticulture department.
  • Advanced sod and seeding system (seed roots grow into sandbags with growing media) around the pond to maintain the shoreline and shape.
  • Educational graphics focus on the theme of birding and different ways to identify birds (such as by color, feet shape, beaks, etc.). 
  • Over 250 birds will live in the Aviary, including a mix of waterfowl (geese, ducks and a swan), flamingos, West African crowned cranes, White storks, Scarlet ibis, Hadada ibis, Waldrapp ibis, Straw-necked ibis, Roseate spoonbills, Snow egret, Cattle egret, Hamerkop, and Inca tern. 
  • Not all birds will be in the Aviary immediately as each type of bird will move in as weather allows and so that birds can settle in gradually without too many disturbances.
  • All birds should be in the Aviary by next summer.
  • Some of the birds will live in the Aviary year-round, primarily the waterfowl. 
    • Birds like the White storks and flamingos will also stay in the aviary, with access to their winter quarters as needed. 

Flamingo Habitat

  • 500-square-foot viewing blind with 30-foot open view into the flamingo habitat.
  • The viewing structure also includes a two-tiered bench that is approximately 20 feet long.
  • The flamingo habitat includes a 600-square-foot, 9,000-gallon, mud bottom pond with beach clay beaches for nesting
  • 34 flamingos will call this habitat home
  • There is a separate, indoor, nearly 1,000-square-foot flamingo building that includes two pools and dry resting areas, which can be subdivided for flock management. 
    • Skylights have been included to allow natural light during the winter months.   


Lagoon Islands located in the original Deer Park lagoon that was used as an ice skating rink and fishing pond at Riverview Park. These islands provide the summer home for Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium's spider monkeys, who live among live among the branches of a man-made Banyan tree there. The lagoon is home to hundreds of koi (Japanese carp). Visitors can purchase food to feed the koi from a covered bridge overlooking the lagoon.