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Omaha's Zoo & Aquarium Announces Timed Ticketing to Visit Elephant Calves

Omaha’s Zoo and Aquarium is excited to announce that the Elephant Family Quarters will open each day between 10:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. beginning on Monday, February 14. Reservations can be made online for Monday starting Sunday. This will allow visitors to see Eugenia and Sonny, the first two African Elephant calves born at the Zoo. Visitors can reserve a timed ticket to see both Elephant calves with the herd in the Elephant Family Quarters by visiting Read More
Posted by Diane Kohout at Thursday, Feb 10, 2022

Zoo Changes Operating Hours

The Zoo is changing the last ticket admission time to 3 p.m. daily beginning on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Buildings will remain open until 5 p.m. and the Zoo grounds until 6 p.m. Guests can make a reservation for a time to enter the Zoo up to three days in advance of their visit at These schedule changes are intended to generate financial savings for the Zoo. “A closer look at our guests’ attendance patterns suggests that only approximately 5 perce... Read More
Posted by Diane Kohout at Friday, Jul 24, 2020