Dinosaurs Alive 3D

Dinosaurs Alive brings dinosaurs, their behaviors and their ancient environments to life on screen as never before seen—juxtaposing stunningly realistic and scientifically accurate computer generated imagery (CGI) with intriguing 1920s documentary footage, dramatic new scenes of real fossils and current dinosaur hunting expeditions. Using state-of-the-art techniques, the filmmakers have created an array of amazingly life-like creatures based on the latest fossil evidence so that audiences can experience these creatures on the giant screen.

Interwoven throughout the film’s storyline is a real-life scientific adventure that looks at the field of paleontology and the crucial finds made over the years that have revolutionized our understanding of the mysterious creatures that dominated the earth for 150 million years. The film reveals how paleontologists search for, discover, and study fossils to determine different dinosaur species—how big they grew, how fast they moved, how they were related to other species, how they interacted with other dinosaurs and creatures of their era, what they may have eaten, how they may have raised their young, what their surroundings looked like, and how they may have died.

Audiences will meet and learn about Tarbosaurus (a close relative to T.Rex), Velociraptors, Protoceratops, Seismosaurus and more. They will witness dinosaurs locked in mortal combat, nesting in colonies, protecting their young, and facing catastrophic forces of nature. They will also learn which ones traveled in herds, which made nests, which were the predators and which were the hunted, and other surprising behaviors.