Go Plog!

What is Plogging?

Go for a springtime stroll, or a plogg through the park.

Plogging means "picking up trash while jogging." Pretty clever, huh? Plogging is just one way we can keep our neighborhoods litter-free! It's a way of getting outdoors, of noticing what's going on in our neighborhoods, and of taking care of our shared spaces.

We're encouraging you to step outside this spring, whether on a jog or a walk, and help us keep Omaha clean.

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Go Plog or Plalk Today! 

Why Plog?

Picking up trash while you're outside already is an easy way to clean up your neighborhood while staying healthy yourself! Combine the benefits of exercise and environmental stewardship in your community.
While most often plogging takes the form of jogging, you can also plog while walking (what we call plalking), or most any outdoor activity! You might even catch more trash with a leisurely stroll than a sprint (and even have time to smell the roses).
You’ll be doing more than a typical run by bending, squatting, and stretching - an awesome way to engage your whole body in your workout.

A few tips:

  1. Take a friend with you! Plogging is an activity that's best shared with others.
  2. Some people will want to take gloves with them. Trash can be dirty! If you don't wear gloves, be sure to wash your hands upon arriving home
  3. Take note of what you find! We're interested in discovering our most common litter items in Omaha. Stay tuned for our handy Reporting Form!

Whether you sprint, jog, or walk, you can take part in the international movement to clean up our communities.