Zoo Academy Students Host "Recycle Your Future" Event

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Zoo Academy Students Host "Recycle Your Future" Event

Help Zoo Academy students “Recycle Your Future” by bringing in plastic recyclables to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium this Saturday. Items will be made into a mountain of recyclables during a Recycle Your Future, Zoo Academy hosted recycling event.

Zoo visitors who bring in at least four items will be eligible to win a 15 percent discount coupon to use on Zoo grounds. Interactive recycling games and informational booths will teach visitors how to reduce, reuse and recycle at home. Games and activities will be located in the Wild Kingdom Pavilion, Desert Dome and in the Scott Aquarium.

Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium - Know Before You Throw

In the Scott Aquarium, kids will learn about various types of recyclables and how to dispose of them through a sorting game. By turning the task of sorting paper, plastic and glass items into a fun game, the students hope kids will incorporate this activity into their routines at home to help save the environment.

Wild Kingdom Pavillion - Tree of Wishful Thinking

Zoo Academy students will help Zoo visitors brainstorm different ways to recycle and reduce waste, such as using reusable water bottles and no longer using plastic straws at restaurants. Visitors can add their message to the “Tree of Wishful Thinking” while learning where to pick up a free recycling container.

Desert Dome - Trash or Treasure

At the Desert Dome, visitors will be able to discover how trash can become treasure and also learn about the Hefty® EnergyBagTM program, a new program that turns trash into energy. The Desert Dome is also where visitors can add their recyclables to a mountain of waste being kept out of landfills.

Only those who bring in at least four recyclables will be eligible to receive the Zoo discount. Limited numbers of coupons are available and will be distributed randomly at the Desert Dome. Acceptable recyclable items include plastic bottles, milk jugs, dry good boxes and soda cans. These items must be rinsed and cleaned prior to bringing them to the Zoo.

Posted by Michelle Meisinger at 12:52 PM