Red Barn Park

Play. Pet. Dig. Discover. 
Red Barn Park provides visitors with an interactive animal experience leaving them more connected to the natural world through close-up interactive experiences.  There is a wide variety of animals in addition to the contact yard animals visitors have grown to love.

The Barn Yard is currently closed.

Prehistoric Play Park and Fossil Dig Site
In cooperation with the University of Nebraska State Museum, the Prehistoric Play Park and Fossil Dig Site is a replica of Nebraska 12 million years ago, when it was a savannah, similar to present day Africa. Kids are able to dig and uncover fossils from Nebraska using paleontologist tools just like a real fossil dig site.  The Prehistoric Play Park displays life-sized prehistoric sculptures representing animals which originate in the regions fossil history.  

Other Animal Exhibits
The popular Budgie Encounter exhibit allows visitors to walk through a netted enclosure of lively and bright parakeets, cockatiels, doves and quails. The Budgie Encounter is open seasonally, weather permitting.  Visitors can hitch a camel ride near Sue's Carousel. Saddle aboard one of the Zoo's dromedary (one-humped) camels Memorial Day through Labor Day. The whole family is welcome.
Download the exhibit fact sheet.