This area to give a summary of the other exhibits and how the zoo is constantly evolving
Cat Complex
Cat Complex - Siberian tigerThe Cat Complex houses 30 cats including three subspecies of tiger, lion, jaguar,  Amur leopard and the North American puma. Read More
Cheetah Valley
Cheetah ValleySpot one of the fastest land animals, cheetahs, in Cheetah Valley located near Garden of the Senses. Read More
Durhams Bear Canyon
Durhams Bear Canyon - Polar bearDurham’s Bear Canyon features polar bears,
Malayan sun bears, American black bears and Andean bears.  Read More
Garden of the Senses
Garden of the SensesGarden of the Senses is a sensory garden for everyone! Let your five senses go wild as you walk through the beautiful garden. Read More
Giraffe Complex
Giraffe ComplexDesigned to resemble an African hut, the Giraffe Complex is home to the world’s tallest animal, the giraffe. Read More
Hoofstock - AddaxTake a walk down hoofstock row to view pastures of hoofed animals from all over the world. Please note: All hoofstock animals will not be on display due to the construction of the African Grasslands. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Read More
Lagoon Island
Lagoon Island - Spider monkeyLiving among the branches of a man-made Banyan tree are multiple species of monkeys. The lagoon is home to hundreds of koi (Japanese carp). Read More
Owen Sea Lion Pavilion
Owen Sea Lion Pavilion - California sea lionsOwen Sea Lion Pavilion is home to California sea lions who are on display year round. Read More
Pachyderm Hill
Pachyderm Hill - White rhinosCatch a glimpse of white and Indian rhinos at this outdoor exhibit. Read More