This area to give a summary of the other exhibits and how the zoo is constantly evolving
Garden of the Senses
Garden of the SensesGarden of the Senses is a sensory garden for everyone! Let your five senses go wild as you walk through the beautiful garden. Read More
Durhams Bear Canyon
Durhams Bear Canyon - Polar bearDurham’s Bear Canyon features polar bears,
Malayan sun bears, American black bears and Andean bears.  Read More
Cat Complex
Cat Complex - Siberian tigerThe Cat Complex houses 30 cats including three subspecies of tiger, jaguar,  Amur leopard and the North American puma. Read More
Owen Sea Lion Pavilion
Owen Sea Lion Pavilion - California sea lionsOwen Sea Lion Pavilion is home to California sea lions who are on display year round. Read More
Lagoon Island
Lagoon Island - Spider monkeyLiving among the branches of a man-made Banyan tree are multiple species of monkeys. The lagoon is home to hundreds of koi (Japanese carp).

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