Bring the Zoo To You...

One of the world's best zoos is going on the road. You can bring the zoo to your school, library, senior center, or event. We offer unique educational experiences that are fun, interactive, memorable, and engaging for children and adults.

Our animal experts deliver programs that will Educate, Inspire, and Engage your group. Our programs bring zoo artifacts and sometimes even live animals from our zoo to you! Please click on each topic to view detailed information about each of our programs.

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When you have a big audience you need big entertainment, and big education. With or without animals these programs are perfect for your school.

Classroom programs
Our STEM experts are coming soon to a classroom near you. We provide hands-on educational experiences that make science come alive and foster a lifelong love for conservation. These programs are correlated to Nebraska and Iowa Standards. We have programs perfect for every level from Pre-K through Grade 12. 

Our library programs are a perfect addition to your schedule. When you bring one of the world’s best zoos to your site, you can count on a great educational program that will fit your theme. These presentations provide a lasting memory as they inspire and educate children and adults. Check out our 2017 Summer Library Programs!   

Afterschool and Summer School
Whether you have the zoo as a long term provider, or for a single visit, the zoo is the perfect mix of education and fun for your afterschool program.

“You demonstrated the VERY BEST in after school programming and practice” – Sandra, Ed. D.

NEW! Zoo Day Program 
When you host a Zoo Day at your school, up ten classes of students get an up close encounter with animals and zoo artifacts. This program helps your curriculum come to life and provides conservation messages that have a real meaning to your students. *This is a brand new program, please call for more information and pricing.

Senior Outreach Programs
When we visit your community, it is like a visit to the zoo for those who cannot attend. We will provide an update on the exciting new things at the zoo. The engrossing presentation uses pictures, videos, pelts and even live animals.

Guest Speakers
If your event is looking for a guest speaker, call us to see if a zoo expert is available. We charge a small speakers fee to help offset our costs.

Virtual Field Trips
Step inside the world’s largest indoor desert or North America’s largest indoor rain forest without leaving your classroom! Distance learning programs come to you LIVE from our most popular exhibits through video conferencing. Learn about amazing animals and ecosystems, speak with experts, and maybe even meet one of our animal ambassadors.

For more information or to schedule an outreach, please call (402) 738-2092 or email

The Virtual Field Trip program is a proud recipient of the Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration.