One Day Camps Ages 5 to 11

Cost is $60.00 per child for members ($65 non-member rate). One-day camps are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). To register for summer day camps, click here. Please refer to the parent packet below for detailed information and FAQ. 

Attention Parents: Please download this informational packet to answer important questions about day camps.

NEW All Aboard! Trains - What does it take to keep the Zoo train running? Meet with our train conductors and visit the engine house to see just how trains run! And of course, ride the Omaha Zoo Railroad!
     Ages 8-11    July 19

Big Cats – Join the lion’s pride and learn about tigers, leopards, cheetahs and other felines at the Zoo.  Pounce on this opportunity before it fills up!
     Ages 5-7     June 13
             5-7     July 6
             8-11   July 7
             8-11   July 14
Elephants and Rhinos – Discover more about these magnificent creatures with the help of our African Grasslands!  Plus, learn about conservation threats and how you can help make a difference!
     Ages 5-7     June 16
             5-7     July 12
             8-11   June 13
             8-11   July 13

Going Buggy – Campers will discover the exciting world of bugs!  Make your own bug catcher and head out in search of cool insects as well as other exciting hands-on activities. 
     Ages 5-7     June 14
             8-11   June 15
Jungle Fever – Explore the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the rainforest!  Discover many of the amazing animals that live here and discover how the rainforest impacts our lives every day! This day camp is only offered for children ages 5-7.
     Ages 5-7     July 26

Myth-busters – Spiders, snakes and bats, oh my!  Often we fear what we don’t understand.  Have a blast uncovering the truth behind these animals, and by the end you’ll think these misunderstood creatures are truly amazing!
     Ages    5-7    July 31              
     Ages     8-11  June 16                    

OH Baby! – Joeys, foals, chicks, hatchlings – join us as we learn about animal babies!  Take a closer look at some of the Zoo’s cutest, new additions and discover how they are cared for.  This day camp is only offered for children ages 5-7.
     Ages 5-7     June 15
             5-7     July  13
             5-7     July 26  NEW

Penguins – How did the penguin get its waddle? Campers will dive into the exciting world of penguins in this fun-packed day of learning! 
     Ages 5-7     June 9
             5-7     June 21
             5-7     July 21
             8-11   June 8
             8-11   June 19

Reptiles and Amphibians -- Did you know that scientists who study reptiles and amphibians are called herpetologists?  Become a herpetologist for the day and explore snakes, lizards, frogs, and more!
     Ages 5-7     June 12
             8-11   June 16

Sea Turtles – Dive in to the exciting underwater world of sea turtles!  Learn about adaptations and conservation through hands-on activities, experiments, tours, games, and more.
     Ages 8-11   June 14
             8-11   July 28

Sizing Up Sharks – Get up close and personal with the top predator in the sea!  Explore amazing adaptations and separate shark facts from fiction.
     Ages 5-7     July 7
             8-11   June 20
             8-11   July 6

Stingrays – Campers will get an early look at the Zoo’s stingrays. Learn about what they eat, where they live, and how they defend themselves against predators.
     Ages 5-7     June 7
             8-11   June 9
Wildlife Ranger Camp – Become a Wildlife Ranger and join us on a North American expedition. Start the excursion traveling from the Zoo to our Wildlife Safari Park. Learn about animal conservation, grab nets, put on waders, and search for frogs. End the day by winding through the bison pasture and heading back to the Zoo.  Campers will meet at the Zoo and be transferred to Wildlife Safari Park near Ashland, NE via bus.  Cost per child: $75 ($80 non-members).  This day camp is only offered for children ages 8-12.  NOTE: To register for this camp, please call (402) 738-2092.
     Ages 8-11   June 21
             8-11   July 19