Pre-registration and payment is required. An adult must accompany the participant. The registration cost covers one adult and one child. Prices reflect the member discount rate.

To register for an Ed-Venture class, please call (402) 738-2092 or click here.

Stroller Safari

Leap into the world of stroller discovery as we start with a fun story, walk, talk, and learn about specific animals. Don’t forget the stroller! Registration fee is $8 (includes one adult and one child)  This program is geared towards toddlers ages 1-2.

Moving Along – Animals are on the move, and so are we! Join us as we learn about fun animal movement and migrations.
                        August 11 10:00-10:45a.m.

Rumble in the Jungle – Squawk like a parrot, sing like a gibbon, and trumpet like an elephant. This class is about noises and sounds that make the Zoo come alive. Let’s get loud!
                        September 8 10:00-10:45a.m.

Animal Masquerade – Can’t wait for Halloween? Wear your costume to the Zoo and discover how animals have costumes that keep them safe in the wild!
                        October 13 10:00-10:45a.m

One, Two, at the Zoo – We have two feet, but some animals have more and some less. Practice your numbers as we meet animals with different numbers of legs!
                        November 3 10:00-10:45a.m.

Zoo Babies – Animals start off small, but grow strong and tall. Learn all about baby animals and how they grow.
                        January 12 10:00-10:45a.m.

Go Gorilla – Birds are not the only ones who makes nests – gorillas do, too! Learn and discover everything that make gorillas great.
                        February 9 10:00-10:45a.m.

Sensory Safari – Do you smell with your tongue or taste with your feet? Compare how you use your five senses and the way animals do!
                        March 9 10:00-10:45a.m.

Early Explorers

Gather your gear and join our explorers program for 2-to-3-year-old children.  We will uncover a wide variety of topics including colors, patterns, shapes, habitats and biomes.  Imagine the discoveries that will be made!

All Aboard! – The Zoo train is making a stop. Come and learn all there is to know about our very own “Zoo” Train.
                        August 25 10-10:45a.m.

Swim Back to School – September is the season to go back to school! Join us as we dive deep in the ocean to discover the many types of fish that live in schools all year long.
                        September 22 10:00-10:45a.m.

Tram Trek – Join us as we catch the tram to see the zoo from a different perspective. We will have an interactive scavenger hunt with lots of interesting zoo information.
                        October 6 10:00-10:45a.m.

Wild about Art – Calling all creative animal lovers! We will explore your creative side using a variety of materials and art techniques while being led in an animal-inspired project. Join us and have a wild time!
                        November 17 10:00-10:45a.m.

Counting with a Keeper – Being a zoo keeper is really fun. Feeding animals is a daily activity and keepers need to be good at counting out food items. Come and join us as we learn to count with a zoo keeper.
                        January 26 10:00-10:45a.m.

Look up in the tree! – They climb, they fly, and they swing. Learn about animals that call trees home.
                        February 23 10:00-10:45a.m.

Blooming Butterflies – Black, gold, green, and blue…butterflies are really cool. Join us as we discover what butterflies eat, how they grow, and why they come in so many colors.
                        March 23 10:00-10:45a.m.