Children Ages 3 to 4

A House for a Hermit Crab – Down by the beach, there’s so many creatures to meet! Be ready to explore the wonders of the sea! We’ll read books about the ocean, explore seashells, paint an ocean on the easel and meet a variety of creatures at the touch tank.
       May 19 or 20           10-11 a.m.

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? – Do all animal babies look like their parents? Which animals hatch from eggs, and which are live-born? This class compares animal babies and development while introducing the basic concepts of life cycles (including metamorphosis) in both invertebrates and vertebrates.
         June 16 or 17          10-11 a.m.

Will you be my friend – Pack up your trunk and follow the herd! We're learning about the largest living land mammals—elephants! Study their fascinating adaptations and get to know the gentle giants.
         July 1, 7, or 9          10-11 a.m.