Children Ages 13 to 18

Ed-Venture Classes 

L.I.O.N. (Learning Is Our Nature) Pride Classes are for students ages 13-18 (unless otherwise noted).  Pre-registration and payment of $25.00 per session required unless otherwise noted ($110 for all five sessions. Call (402) 738-2092 to receive discount). Prices reflect the member discounted rate.

To register for an Ed-Venture class, please call (402) 738-2092.

From marine biology to animal behavior, the wide variety of possible careers in the animal field is endless.  During Career Discovery Days students will explore various career options.  Participants in the event will hear from zoo professionals during scheduled presentations, participate in special tours, and interact with other students with similar career interests.
Veterinary Sciences
Are you interested in pursuing a possible career in animal health?  This class will give you a closer look at the job of a Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician.
    September 2        9:00am-Noon

African Grasslands
Have you ever dreamed of exploring the African Grasslands and studying its’ amazing and diverse wildlife?  Come take a look at the ecology and biology of this ecosystem, with particular focus on elephants and giraffe, in our new African Grasslands exhibit.
October 14        9:00am-Noon
Zoo Keeper
Do you love animals and want to explore the career possibilities of becoming a zoo keeper?  Join us and meet with keepers to learn how to become part of this exciting career field.
    November 4        9:00am-Noon   

Marine Biologist
We will look at the work of an Aquarist as well as career possibilities in Marine Biology. Come and get your “feet wet” and see if this career is where you want to be.
    December 2        9:00am-Noon

The Science of Poop
Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from poop! We will take a look at our Nutrition Department, find out what it takes to feed 17,000+ animals, learn about the waste they produce, what it tells us about their health and find out just how we manage it.
    January 6        9:00am-Noon