Children Ages 10 to 12

Ed-Venture Classes 
L.I.O.N. (Learning Is Our Nature) Mane Classes are for children ages 10 to 12. Pre-registration and payment of $20.00 per child is required (member rate). Art classes are two hours in length and are $16.00 per child. Prices reflect the member discounted rate.

To register for an Ed-Venture class, please call (402) 738-2092 or click here.

Animal Masterpiece – Explore animals from an artistic point of view and create a masterpiece to take home!  Cost: $16 per child
        Animal Camouflage     July 25        1-3 p.m.
        Lions           September 12             1-3 p.m.
        Jellyfish       November 7                1-3 p.m.
        Toucans       January 16                 1-3 p.m.
        Snakes        March 5                      1-3 p.m.                

Big Cats – Join the lion’s pride and learn about tigers, lions, and other large felines at the Zoo.  
        November 21        1-4 p.m.
Jr. Vet – So you think you want to be a veterinarian?  Join us for this exciting class where we will discover what it takes to be in this rewarding and challenging field. 
        December 5        1-4 p.m   

Snow Leopards – Leap into the snowy world of these beautiful, secretive, and rare cats! 
        January 30        1-4 p.m.

Lemurs – Travel to the island of Madagascar and discover creatures found nowhere else on earth.  Discover different lemurs, observe behavior, and learn how you can help protect these amazing creatures.
        March 12        1-4 p.m.