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March and April Road Closures and Travel Information

Beginning March 19th, there will be road closures that may affect how you get to and from the Zoo. The Nebraska Department of Roads has provided a timeline of these closures and suggested detours. 

Timeline of Road Closures and Suggested Detours

Southbound I-480 and Northbound US-75 Ramps

Extended ramp closures for the southbound I-480 and northbound US-75 ramps to eastbound I-80 began on March 19th at 10 p.m. for approximately 30 days. 

Suggested detour routes are northbound US-75 and southbound I-480.






Southbound 13th Street Entrance Ramp to Westbound I-80

Beginning Monday, March 26th at 10 p.m., the southbound 13th Street entrance ramp to westbound I-80 will be closed for approximately 30 days. 

The Nebraska Department of Transportation recommends taking Martha Street to I-480 or L Street to US-75 as a detour.





These extended ramp closures are necessary for pavement construction. 

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously through construction zones, along detours and selected alternate routes. 

Posted by Michelle Meisinger at 4:45 PM