Gaur Assisted Reproduction

Gaur Project 

The Gaur Project has been another long-term program of the Reproductive Sciences Department that has focuses on all aspects of assisted reproductive technology including artificial insemination; semen freezing, in vitro embryo production, freezing and interspecific embryo transfer.

Development of Artificial Insemination and Semen Freezing in Gaur
Adapting techniques used in domestic cattle, the first gaur calves were produced using fresh and frozen/thawed semen collected from live gaur bulls by rectal probe electrostimulation, or from sperm collected from gaur bulls after death.

Development of In Vitro Embryo Production and Interspecies Embryo Transfer in Gaur
Again, adapting techniques developed in domestic cattle, as many as six gaur calves have been produced by collecting oocytes (eggs) and fertilizing them in vitro then transferring them to recipient (surrogate) cows to carry to term. The following picture is of a gaur calf produced from oocytes collected from a gaur cow after her death, then fertilized using frozen/thawed gaur sperm from the CCR cryobank and transferring the embryo to a domestic cow.