International Embryo Transfer Society

The International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Parent Committee on Companion Animals, Non-Domestic and Endangered Species (CANDES)
This committee was established in 2001, chaired by Dr. Naida Loskutoff, and whose activities have been sponsored by Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.  This is the only known international forum for Reproductive Physiologists, Biologists and Technologists to discuss issues pertaining to assisted reproductive technologies in these species.  The committee's mission statement is to serve as an informational resource pertaining to the successful application of embryo technologies in CANDES by:  
  1. Assisting in the understanding of their unique reproductive biologies
  2. Provide instruction on proven method of various reproductive biotechniques
  3. Advise on the technical feasibility and realistic expections for advanced biotechniques based on previous scientific evidence
  4. Develop strategies for reducing the risk of disease transmission in CANDES. 
The IETS CANDES website is available at and click on the CANDES tab.