Student Opportunities

Student internships are available in the nutrition department year-round.  Two types of internships are available to college students:

  • Nutrition Research: This experience will include opportunities in both the nutrition laboratory and the diet kitchen, working directly with the scientists and staff of the department. These are competitive internships and typically fill quickly. One to two positions are available per semester (fall, spring and summer) depending on current research needs. Due to the research focus, shorter internships are not available for nutrition and run a minimum of eight weeks.
  • Diet Preparation: This experience will focus on animal diet preparation and large quantity animal food production working in our centralized diet kitchen. One to four positions are available per semester (fall, spring and summer). Shorter internships are available for diet preparation, such as over Spring or Winter Break.
  • Shadowing: Opportunities for high school and college students to shadow our nutrition staff are available.

For available opportunities or additional student information, please call (402) 738-2076 or email