Clinical Cases

Gorilla Cardiac Database

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in adult male gorillas.  Procedures conducted in human medicine such as cardiac echocardiograms performed by cardiac ultrasound in addition to blood work and other diagnostic techniques can help determine the prevalence of this disease in the captive population.  It can also help determine what animals need to be on medication, often the same medication used in humans with heart disease.

Sand tiger shark

It is common for Sand tiger sharks to develop problems in their vertebral columns resulting in a hump backed appearance.  Even though it is known to occur frequently there is little information available on this syndrome and the cause is unknown. Multiple diagnostic tests were conducted including radiographs, ultrasound and blood work in an attempt to gather more information that might help find the answers.  Although supportive care and analgesics were provided humane euthanasia was eventually elected due to reduced quality of life.