Medical facilities are located in the Grewcock Center for Consevation and Research. Read More
Preventive Health
Preventive health includes annual exams, a vaccination program, dental health and neonate exams. Read More
Medical procdedures include laparoscopies, ultrasounds, root canals, electroejaculation, CT scans and emergencies. Read More
Parasites are ubiquitous in any animal environment, regardless of the husbandry practices and the season or time of year. Read More
General Anesthesia, Face Mask, Endotracheal Tube, Remote Darting, Fish Anesthesia and Venomous (Poisonous) Snake Anesthesia Read More
Clinical Cases
Examples of clinical cases include the Gorilla Cardiac Database and Sand tiger shark. Read More
Baby Animals and Hand rearing and Early Introduction of a Lowland Gorilla - a success story Read More