Global Amphibian Crisis


Amphibian Conservation Education Project

The Amphibian Conservation Education Project aims to develop an understanding of how a mass decline of amphibians will affect the balance of nature; and to give area youth the opportunity to conduct a statewide amphibian survey to determine the viability of amphibian habitat and health. We cannot save amphibians alone. They need your help and you can make a difference.

Call (402) 738-2092 or email to inquire about training programs.

Conduct an Amphibian Survey

Learn To Monitor Amphibians & Water Quality - Protocol
Monitor Amphibian Disease - Video
Chytrid Fungus Test Kits - To order email or call (402) 738-2092.

Learn More About Amphibians and the Chytrid Fungus

Amphibian Crisis Curriculum - Lessons & Activities
North American Endangered Amphibian Cards
Endangered Amphibians of North America - Poster
Amphibians of Nebraska - Poster


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