New Birds in the Giraffe Complex Aviary
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo has added two new species of bird: the White headed buffalo weavers and Magpie shrike, now on display in the Giraffe Complex aviary.

White headed Buffalo WeaverWhite headed buffalo weavers are native to east Africa, living in small, loose flocks. They eat mostly grass seed, insects and some fruit. Following guidelines from the Species Survival Program (SSP) for breeding purposes, Omaha’s Zoo received two birds, one male and one female from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the San Diego Zoo.

Magpie ShrikeMagpie shrike are found in the northerly parts of the southern African region. With black legs, feet and bill, brown eyes and striking black and white plumage, they average a length of 43 cm, with over half of that being their tail. Commonly found in small groups of up to a dozen birds, they hunt from a perch while feeding on small reptiles, mice and other small birds on the ground.

Other birds you will see in the Giraffe Complex Aviary are Blue-bellied rollers, Cape teal, White-cheeked turaco, Erckel’s francolin, Wattled starling and Speckled pigeons.

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